Bye Bye, Stage One

The “first step to Project Made in Holland” has been sold and will be sailed to warmer waters shortly by it’s owner Markus Hackenjos. Barcelona will be the new home port of the ‘Sail-On’. Stage 1 ScheveningenAs from the start of this project this Pogo Class40 has contributed in the design process for the new Class 40 and has also given the opportunity to test the changes we want to make to the original design.

Furthermore we have been able to have some many people experience what is to sail on a Class 40. And we keep hearing the same reactions: “Once you have sailed a Class 40, you do not want it any other way.” Both as a racer as well as a cruiser, sailing the Class 40 is great! We are very grateful that we have been able to sail on this first generation Class 40 for almost a year.  Stage 1 Scheveningen 2One of our favorite moments has to be the top speed Erik van Vuuren and Kees van Uffelen reached on the last: 23,6 knots, not bad at all! Now we move on to Step Two; building the first Dutch Class40!

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