Design Brief

M44 TRANSAT is a versatile performance cruiser, which easily takes you on your big transat sailing plans as well as relaxed comfort cruising. With the speed, stability and handling by limited crew known from Class40, combined with the comfort and style to make it your home on any adventure.

By adding comfort to the design, Class40 racers in our designteam intend to share the pleasure Class40 racing gives to a much wider audience. Benefitting comfort and limited crew, the deck layout is clean and with no compromise to boat handling and performance.

The boat can also be built in a unique wood composite construction that can compete structurally with the best high-tech composite boats and is mostly recyclable as a benefit. Not green enough? Why not change to electric propulsion.

M44 TRANSAT can be easily adapted to owners’ preferences and adjusted to any adventure. Do you prefer an open plan, separate cabins or a large dining area? Or do you prefer a twin or single rudder? Dedicated assistance is available to help the owner with customization and tuning of the yacht.

Main dimensions

LOA 13.43 m
Beam 4.40 m
Draft 2.58 m
Displacement 8.25 t


Mainsail 63.5 m2
Jib 48.0 m2
Gennaker 185 m2

Total upwind 111.5 m2
Total downwind 248.5 m2

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