M8.1 WKND design weekender motor yacht
M8.1 WKND design weekender motor yacht

Design Brief

M8.1 WKND is a versatile powerboat that features comfort on your getaway. She gives you the freedom to be independent from the crowds and shoreside facilities. As a benefit, the M8.1 WKND fits neatly on a road trailer and travels with you to your next adventure.

Comfort weekend getaway
Enjoy the freedom out on the water. Welcome your friends for a freshly brewed coffee or a chilled glass of wine. Or prepare an easy meal while on a nice anchorage. Feeling active? M8.1 WKND takes you and your friends out for a fishing expedition. And the M8.1 WKND is a perfect daily commuter to your waterside house.
The size offers all you need. The cockpit will seat up to 8 people and can be customized to your needs. In the front is a cuddy cabin that houses an enclosed head, two seats, a refrigerator/coffee bar and a double bed for overnight stays. The large windows give a panoramic view inside and a spacious feeling. A proper enclosed head sets the boat well apart from others gives and will give you much more freedom to be independent from the crowds and shoreside facilities.
The design of the cuddy is inspired by the windows of an open powerboat with a “hard top” fitted to give it some sporty lines; as additional benefits it also gives excellent wind and spray protection to the cockpit.

Sustainability by design
The hull line design characterizes a sharp entry, a chine, and rounded lines. The hull line allows for a slippery boat, which handles waves smoothly. The M8.1 WKND requires only a minimum amount of power to get up to cruising speed with hardly any wake. The design line is inspired by the beneficial effects proven in our solar raceboats and sailing yachts. The energy efficient hull of the M8.1 WKND makes her well suited to electric propulsion or a very small combustion engine. The construction intend of the boat is as much as possible in bio based or even biodegradable materials. Being sustainable, environmentally engaged is at the heart of our designs and in line with sustainability goals of the European governments. But more important, to meet your standards.

M8.1 WKND logo
M8.1 WKND logo

Main sepcifications

LOA 8.10 m
Beam 2.75 m
Draft 0.65 m
Displacement 1.65 t

Electric Power 20-55 Kw
[comparable to petrol engine 50-140 HP]

Seats 8 persons
Sleeps 2 persons

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